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Photoshoots probably seem like a piece of cake. You come in, get your picture taken, and leave. That’s just not the case.

Every photoshoot starts with a consultation, sometimes this is over the phone but in this day and age it can be a lot easier just to touch base over Skype or iMessage. The consultation is just a conversation about what you had in mind for a photoshoot and my thoughts around that.

We’ll go over clothing options, style of images, what kind of makeup you’ll most likely be wearing (I say most likely because I am terrible at makeup so once the MUA comes in, they might find that a different tone will be better for your skin) and I’ll walk you through exactly what goes on. From your personalized inspiration board, to having your hair and makeup done, to how I’ll be posing you.

A day or two after your consultation, you’ll receive an e-mail with your personalized inspiration board. This is a collection of images that I think will set the tone for our shoot.

After you take a look at the inspiration board and give me the go ahead, I’ll typically ask you to bring along 4-6 outfits that you think match the look and feel we’re going for. Sometimes clients will even send me snap shots of their clothes – and please do, I love shopping in other people’s closets!

Then the day rolls around for the photoshoot, you’ll arrive at the studio right on time, have a little snack and have your hair and makeup done by a professional. It might seem strange at first but it’s really a pampering experience, letting someone else clean your skin, give you some gorgeous lashes, and doll you up really has an effect on you.

Right after hair and makeup it’s into wardrobe! We’ll choose your first outfit and then get you situated in front of the camera.

During the photoshoot it’s a whirlwind of poses, laughter, and touch ups. Once the shoot is all over, we’ll part ways for the time being and I’ll get right down to picking the best shots for you. I typically do some light editing on skin and hair (in case of flyaways) but won’t touch anything else unless you’re really keen on it.

You’ll have a chance to see all the beautiful images we created together and choose your absolute favorites. I guarantee you’ll feel like a million bucks after the experience you’ve just had!


For more information or to schedule your consultation just fill out the form here: https://www.megraiano.com/portrait-photographer-simsbury-connecticut

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