Piccolina launches innovative kids clothing trade-in program in partnership with The Swoondle Society

A first-of-its-kind, progressive and sustainable move by children’s lifestyle brand

Piccolina, a lifestyle brand on a mission to empower today’s young girls to become tomorrow’s trailblazers and problem solvers, is announcing its partnership with The Swoondle Society, a marketplace for children’s secondhand clothing. When customers place an order through Piccolina, they will be offered the option of receiving a Swoondle “trade-in bag” along with their purchase. Piccolina customers can use the bag to send Swoondle any of their kids’ outgrown clothing items in exchange for trade-in credits allowing them to purchase other pre-worn kids’ clothes through Swoondle.

Founded by Heide Iravani and Emily Clifford, Piccolina launched on International Day of the Girl 2019 with 13 “Trailblazer Tees” depicting portraits of female icons throughout history. The collection had viral popularity and was featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things 2019. The brand’s much anticipated first full seasonal apparel and accessories collection will become available online and in select boutiques in February. Designed around enriching themes such as oceanography, space exploration and aviation, all of Piccolina’s clothes and products are meant to promote a sense of curiosity and adventure in the children who wear and use them.

“Piccolina is committed to working towards a more just and sustainable society on all fronts, and our partnership with Swoondle is an important step in demonstrating that,” said Heide Iravani, Piccolina’s co-founder and CEO. “By offering our customers the ability to exchange their Piccolina clothing for other preworn clothes once their children grow out of them, we are creating even more value for our customers while also reducing the number of textiles that end up in landfills. It’s a win-win for everyone, especially our planet.”

Jennifer Zuklie created The Swoondle Society as a solution to her own parental frustrations regarding baby and children’s clothes. A hassle-free marketplace for parents to trade and recycle their children’s clothes, The Swoondle Society not only makes decluttering and shopping for children more satisfying, but it also allows consumers to retain the value of their items.

For no cost, members of The Swoondle Society are able to send in children’s clothing, the items are valued, and they then receive credit that can be used towards different clothing options.

Together Piccolina and The Swoondle Society are making it a no brainer to dress your young ladies in inspiring clothing that empowers them as people AND to help save the planet by trading the clothing in once they have outgrown it, for something bigger and hopefully equally fantastic! Whilst giving another family the opportunity to inspire their youngsters!

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