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Pop Singer Shannon K Reveals More about Here Newest Single With Justin Bieber’s Producer Poo Bear

Pop music has evolved a lot over the past few years – however – the biggest hits come from well-known producers in the music industry. A solid proof for that is the new young artist Shannon K who recently published her latest single in cooperation with Poo Bear, best known for his work with Justin Bieber in his latest album.

As Shannon K explains, her latest single “A Long Time” was something she never planned.

“This song means so much to me since it was a very unexpected and surprising experience. I never imagined myself working with such a great producer at this young age so It was truly an honor. I had so much fun and I got to learn so many things from him as a songwriter and as an artist.” Shannon K said.

She also described the enthusiasm of Poo Bear and his professionalism during the entire project – and how this affected their entire collaboration.

“He tested me as well because I didn’t know what I was gonna sing till I got to the studio which was new for me. He was so enthusiastic about it that it really helped me to get through the whole process. I couldn’t believe when he said he’s willing to work with me again! It was truly the best day of my life.”

As an emerging 16-year old artist, Shannon K was never on her own. After reaching out to Poo Bear, he was interested to meet her and her parents before making any decision. After a short talk, Shannon and Poo Bear started jamming to the music and quickly decided to record the song.


Spontaneous and uprising, the song has been recorded with love and is hopefully something that will fast-pace Shannon K’s career as a young pop artist.

“I was very surprised with myself since this has never happened in my life before so I enjoyed every single bit of it.” Shannon told us.

There are good news for all the fans waiting for the official music video by Shannon K for the song “A Long Time”. Directed by her 13 year old sister Annabel along with a team of professional videographers, the video is being prepared and has stemmed from her relationship with her sibling.

Meanwhile, everyone interested to see Shannon K can check out her website and see the videos. She recently performed in Virginia at the Festival Of Colors and is preparing for the upcoming events which can be seen on her website.

When asked about her next plans, Shannon said:

“I’ve been working on some music for my new EP with an Academy nominated producer, Kyle Townsend . He’s very flexible and so easy to just vibe with. Whenever Annabel and I go to the studio we just chill and create whatever flows out of us. I must say he’s an artist’s producer who let the singer do experiments. I can’t wait to share our creation to the world and I hope that people will love it.”

Shannon K is sending her love to all of her fans and promising a fruitful summer filled with hits, music videos and more exciting news!


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