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Rapper WhiteBoi Wonder Brings Interesting Variable To Hip Hop Fashion.

Rapper WhiteBoi Wonder announced he was getting back into music at the She Wants the Details press conference on March 16. He seems to be taking his time with his music as he’s only released 1 track since then, “The Weed Song,” an anthem that flows along with the movement of marijuana legalization in the US. The (still underground, but probably not for long) rapper became known in 2013 when he released his most notable song to date, “She Wants the D.”

“She Wants the D” is a rap song that has been scrutinized by a large number of people due to the controversial nature of its lyrics. WhiteBoi Wonder has publicly defended the record as being a rap that employs satire, punching exaggerated statements about his ability to satisfy women and the excitement felt as a result. Regardless of artistic opinion, there’s no doubt that Wonder is an individual who is very proud of himself when it comes to how he handles himself with women.

So I think its important to ask, do the ladies like what they see when they see Wonder?

On Friday, April 30 Wonder posted a picture of himself in an outfit which was not a
stereotypical rapper look (you know what I’m talking about, a gold chain with some type of baseball cap), but still captured his personality in a natural way. He sported a leopard print button up shirt that had a loose cut and silky look to it. Did he look sexy? I’ll let you think about that one, and I’ll keep this a fashion analysis professional. How did he look? If you ask me I’d say he looked danceable.

I felt the urge to write about his fashion choice on that Friday because it shows fashion breaking boundaries, which is exciting.

Rappers are constantly wearing the same type of clothes. They wear a lot of Nike
products and a lot of sports jerseys. They wear plain white or black shirts with baggy pants and a gold chain displayed. They all wear the same stuff. And its obvious that they care a lot about their clothes because you’ll often see them make sure their outfits are well put together; they make sure they have matching colors, for instance.

Rappers end up looking like other rappers as a result. But WhiteBoi Wonder stood out from the crowd and looked like himself. He did something different; which is something that unique personalities to. And when he stood out from the crowd, he did it well, that’s what artists do. He’s a rapper, he lives the hip hop lifestyle, but rather than trying to look like everyone else in hip hop he looks like the guy he is. Fashion is natural and its refreshing to see a young rapper who has the tendency of a leader rather than a follower.

When you’re putting together your outfits, be an artist and paint the way you look,
consider yourself a canvas. Paint a picture, a picture you want to paint, don’t just wear what everybody else is wearing. Who painted that picture? When you’re getting dressed, be sure to wear your clothes.

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