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Reasons you’ll love Younique 3d Fiber lash

If you are looking for super lash then your going to desire to try Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. If you are looking for a natural way to perk up your lashes then Younique 3D Fiber Lash are for you and the price is on alike to the mid of the line mascaras that you will find in Boots or else other foremost high street store

Applying 3D Fiber Lashes could not be any easier just apply your preferred mascara to your lashes in addition to let it dry completely. Then apply Younique’s transplant gel to your lashes, this help with the next bonding procedure. Whilst the gel is still wet apply natural fiber. Finally reapply the transplant gel to completely secure the 3D Fiber Lash.

With Fiber Lashes, Younique’s improved everything inside and out. They have increased the look of greater lash quantity from the original 300% to 400% for a begin.

The unique 3D Fiber Lashes were made from green tea plants. The new 3D fibers are currently made from Rayon.


Most imaginatively for me, the 3D fibers are in fact coated with our Uplift Eye Serum. This would add shine to and make the laws more flexible, and it will moisturize them too. How cool is that?

No matter what volume your lashes are in nature Younique 3D Mascara is definite to thicken and lengthen them by 300%.  The use of 3D fibre lash technology add and conceal fibres within your natural lashes make them appear fuller plus longer.  Younique 3D mascara is the covert to get ‘Kim Kardashian’ Lashes!

younique 3d mascara is very user friendly.  Each mascara set come with thorough instructions within the case.  Applying Younique 3D Mascara is an easy 3 step procedure anyone can master in a few minute by combining the transplanting gel as well as natural fibres.  You could apply a light and natural coat in beneath a few minutes that will last the whole day (or even 2 days if you nap in it).

This is comparable to other high end mascara’s so far much cheaper than lash extension.  I have been often asked if I have lash extension when I’m wearing 3D Fibre Mascara.

 A lot of mascara’s would claim to be water-resistant as well as still run down your face at any sign of wetness.  Younique 3D Fibre mascara would not do budge until you eliminate it.  I have tested them out many times myself, at the gymnasium, swimming, running, in the shower as well as even crying at times.  They amazingly stayed completely in shape.  You will not get any smudge, running or else panda eyes.  Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara does though wash off simply with facial cleanser plus water. I have even cheated as well as used baby wipes when in a rush.  And unlike most waterproof mascara, it will not tear out your natural lash on removal.

If you wear contacts you could still use younique 3d mascara!   I have suffered reaction from most other mascara’s  previous to, yet have had no difficulty with Younique’s 3D Fibre Lash Mascara.  Truly astonishing

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