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Rocco Basile Shares Easy Jobs For The Unskilled College Student

While I wish it were the case that college could be a time to focus solely on academic pursuits, it is still true that just about every college student is going to need a reliable source of income to survive. Unfortunately, the types of jobs that are available to unskilled college students are relatively few, and the number of options is further reduced due to the need to maintain flexibility for academic pursuits. Throughout my years in college, I learned of several different jobs that proved to be ideal for an unskilled college student such as myself.

Many of my fellow students had work-study programs in which they were employed in the library or in the weight room, enabling them to work on academic projects and assignments while also earning a little bit of extra money during the time outside of their classes. I did not have the benefit of a work-study program, so I was left to look for off-campus work. The first job I took was with a pizzeria as a driver, which was actually quite ideal. The busiest hours were typically in the evening, so there was little interference with my class schedule. Since I worked for tips, I was allowed to do my work in the restaurant if there were no deliveries.

I stayed at the pizzeria throughout my time in school, as it was the ideal job for me because it allowed me to get a lot of work done while I was technically on the clock. There are other jobs that unskilled college students can pursue, as a number of my college friends worked as servers at local restaurants to earn some extra income. They worked very hard while they were there, but they were able to earn a lot of money while working relatively few hours when the restaurant was busy.

In addition to the restaurant industry, I know of a lot of students who stayed in town during the summers to work on campus. There is a lot of maintenance work to be done on campus during this time, so our school hired students to move furniture in and out of the dorms. They also hired painters and extra landscaping help, and they paid well even for students who in most cases had no prior experience. Those on-campus jobs required a lot of physical effort, but it was full-time summer work during the season in which off-campus housing is typically very cheap.

Author Bio: Rocco Basile is a professional photographer that held various jobs while in college determining his career path.

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