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Clients interested in hiring a photographer for their event can choose a brand new way how to capture the occasion: they can hire a videographer who will use a drone to capture everything from otherwise impossible angles and places.

Do you think that something like this will cost a lot of money? You are wrong. These days, it’s possible to hire a skilled drone pilot and cameraman for the same money you would pay a regular photographer.

Advantages of drones for event photography
The obvious advantage of using drones to capture your event is their ability to get off the ground. Regular pictures will remind you how you saw the event from your point of view, but only a drone can bring in many new points of view.

Most modern advanced modern drones can also follow you around on their own. Imagine hosting a large outdoor wedding and being able to replay the whole thing the way birds watched it. The captured footage can then be used for the final edit and intertwined with still pictures and ground-level video.

Drones are very easy to setup, which means that it can take only a minutes to start filming – you never miss anything important. Thanks to the built-in GPS unit, all your pictures will be properly geotagged, so you can easily place them on a map and organize by location.

You may be aware that virtual reality is one of the most popular emerging technologies currently available. Drones let you experience something very similar for a fraction of the price. Using a pair of specialized goggles, you can see what the drone sees and really feel like you are flying through the air. This can be used as a fantastic attraction on place or later.
How to prepare for a photoshoot with a drone

The most important thing you need to do is let everyone involved know what is about to happen. They need to understand what the drone is supposed to do and what is expected from them. Doing a trial run prior to the main event is a great opportunity how people can get used to the drone. It will help them behave much more naturally when the real thing starts.

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