bahamas selphiebong,

Selphie Bong fashion designer from Indonesia talks about her country and her favorite destinations.

I have traveled to 63countries, not that much but enough for my self to tell stories.

I live and grow in Indonesia, where we have sun almost everyday, the season is only two, where the sun is striking hot or the sun is hiding. We have a lot of beach and seafood. In Bali is one of the amazing island, bikini, party, shopping, yet a traditional accent is still there. Raja Ampat and Wakatobi for the amazing under the sea kingdom.

My favorite destination is Africa, Kenya is amazing, Masai Mara is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The animal, the clean air, the noises at night, the zillion of stars in the sky, and the people are just beautiful.


Some other destinations like Peru, Urubamba is very beautiful and peaceful. Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand is amazing with the food and the hospitality. Havana is quirky, a place where I can hear samba played all day long, and people shouted at my chinese face “CHINO!” Wherever I walk.

My advice to travelers is Go and see the world. Find weird destinations.

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