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Buying contacts online is straightforward but, if you’ve never done it before, it doesn’t hurt to get a bit of advice on how to order. Have a read of our user guide and, in only a few minutes, purchasing contact lenses online will be like second nature to you! The stunning lens is an online store focusing on colored contact lenses. We offer the largest collection of newly designed, high-quality circle lenses and are beloved by people across the world. Grey contact lenses, with free shipping worldwide, we offer you a nice variety of colored contacts that suits every kind of need.

First of all, choose your lenses

Finding contact lenses on our website is simple; you might even see your regular brand on our homepage. You can filter which lenses are shown, based on the brand or type of lenses, using the menu on the left-hand part, so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and clearly. When buying contacts online for the first time, we recommend that you choose the lenses you normally wear to be able to be completely assured in your order. If you do want to try another lens to the brand that you normally wear, we also recommend seeking the advice of your optician before you buy your contacts online. They are able to then inform you the type of lens is best for you. Just as the name suggests, colored contacts are tinted to improve the looks of your eyes color. With adherence to some guidelines, these are safe to wear and can be purchased in lots of the same categories as non-tinted contacts. The colored lens is available to improve near and farsightedness and can be purchased in gentle or rigid gas permeable types. The same guidelines that govern safe wear of regular contacts apply to shaded contacts. There are many things you have to keep in mind if you are thinking about putting on them for the very first time or are contemplating a change from the regular lens.

Tints and colors

It’s easy to improve blue eye to dark brown, or vice versa. Common eyes colors aren’t that difficult to acquire. However, more imaginative colors are also open to lens wearers. Here is somewhat to remember:

Visibility tinted contacts

These won’t change the looks of your eyes color. The connections are tinted sufficient that the wearer can easily see them when positioned in a zoom lens solution. Presence tint helps it be easier for the wearer to get the lens if it’s fell. The faint tinting is perfect for handling purposes.

Enhancement tint contacts

They are the same color as your eye – just somewhat intensified. These lenses perform as indicated by their name, utilizing a somewhat darker color than your eye, they’re designed to improve your eye’s natural color.

Color tint contacts

These are for individuals who want to completely change their eyes color. Aesthetic or decorative connections belong in this category and may also change the looks of the pupil’s form.

Even though you don’t need any vision correction, you’ll are required to have a prescription from a health care provider for colored connections. That may appear just a little silly, but contacts are a medical device. Anytime you put something on your eyes you want to make certain that it’s heading to be safe and healthy.