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Short Film Remember When Shines at the Dances with Films Festival

The incredible short film Remember When was screened at the recent Dances with Films Festival. The short focuses on Daniel, his younger sister Vanessa, and their mother Elisa. The drama begins when the family moves into a predominantly white demographic trailer park community and Elisa leaves the children alone one morning. Daniel and Vanessa’s sibling rivalry is put aside when Vanessa goes missing and Daniel does everything in his power to find his sister.

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The short is directed, produced, and written by Paola Ossa who is an award-winning New Jersey-based writer, director, and producer. Born in Colombia, she incorporates her rich culture into her storytelling with the hopes of sharing with the world the narratives of underrepresented communities. The short is also co-produced by Michael Cuomo, who is an award-winning actor and producer of film, television, and theatre. Cuomo has starred in several award-winning films including The Light of the Moon and Happy New Year which have both garnered great success.

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The talented cast of Remember When features Shakira Barrera, a Nicaraguan-American actress and dancer from New Jersey who is best known for her role as “Yolanda” on Netflix’s Emmy-nominated series Glow, Olivia Perez who is going to be in the upcoming feature film In the Heights directed by Jon M Chu and produced by Lin Manuel Miranda, Aiden Medina who can be seen in God Friended Me, The Colbert Show, SNL and The Jonas Brothers Happiness Tour, and Jackson Frazer who is best known for his role in Netflix’s comedy-drama series, I Am Not Okay With This.

1Films Festival Short Film

Remember When brings to light the perspective that people of color have while growing up in a predominantly white community and the challenges we all face as we grow up. The short reminds audiences that although siblings can annoy us at times, we still deeply care for them. Ossa perfectly captures the intimate bond between Daniel and Vanessa through the screen and brings a high level of detail to every frame. Viewers can expect to be instilled with a sense of nostalgia, promise, and a reminder of the importance of family.

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