m14 CherishedSaints

Spiritual adornments as a fashion statement

Looking to incorporate spiritual jewelry as part of your individual style? Cherished Saints is a collection of religious saints, crosses and icons, mostly vintage from France, Italy and other worldly places. It all began with personal collections of medals for necklaces and bracelets – and that passion turned into a shop on Etsy with over a thousand items for sale. There is something magical about medals that are engraved with names, initials and dates from previous owners, from lifetimes. Unique, one-of-a-kind and special, each medal represents memories and experiences of love, faith, spirituality and devotion.


This collection also includes rosary beads, rosary bracelets, earrings and more. There’s a “Protect my Pet” section too. Custom orders are a specialty. Know that this shop gives something back as a portion of sales is donated to saving horses from slaughter for human consumption and supporting animal sanctuaries.



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