Stay Comfy and True to Your Style in These Safe for Work Wardrobe Essentials

By Erica Waddell

Whether you’re just entering the corporate world or you’re an office veteran who’s now finding those slacks a little less forgiving, it’s time to reevaluate your office attire.  Is the section of your closet devoted to the workdays a place that you dread? Are your suits friends or foes? Do you spend 8 to 5 squirming in your pencil skirt, and do secretly unbutton your pants after lunch?  Do you even look good in those pants?

Let’s face it.  Office apparel has a stereotype of being dull. But careerwear doesn’t have to be as lifeless or constricting as a sea of cubicles. In fact, revamping your wardrobe for style and comfort has several advantages:

  1. It differentiates you from the pack and makes you more memorable (in a good way, I hope)
  2. You visually communicate that you’re fun, bright, and open to new ideas
  3. When your uniqueness shows through, you remind your superiors that you are an individual, not a robot
  4. You can work more efficiently for longer periods of time when you are wearing comfortable clothes rather than constricting ones
  5. When you’re able to choose your clothes based on your own personal preferences, you’ll be happier in your workplace, which also makes you more enjoyable to work with

So how you show your style, stay comfortable, and satisfy Human Resources workplace guidelines? After all, you don’t want to meet a client in a miniskirt or slip on the breakroom floor in your spiked heels.

Here is some easy-to-wear ready-to-wear fashion that should get promoted to a place in your wardrobe.


Silk Printed Slotted Blouses – all work and no play makes you a dull girl, so dare to show some of your playful side once in a while.  These blouses come in a variety of fun prints sure to spark a conversation around the water cooler. The slotted necklines look sweet when tied and sexy when untied. From US$38 at



One-Seam Sheath Dresses – we all have our fat days now and then, but now you can love your belly in a smocked waist frock than works for you.  These simple dresses are a snap to put on with just two back snaps, and the sumptuous silk makes them a dream to wear all day. From US$148 at


  • Pullover Knee-Length Skirt – if your get up and go got up and went, don’t fuss with zippers and buttons.  Just hit the snooze button for a few more minutes of sleep and, when you finally roll out of bed, slip this comfy 100% silk skirt over your hips and grab a solid top.  Add a chain belt, pendant necklace, or just leave the accessories to another day if you’re running late for your train. From US$58 here (
  • No Sweat Sweaters – got a date tonight but don’t want to change clothes after work? You can grab a V-neck sweater or button-down cardigan to cover up your cocktail dress or play down your flirty outfit underneath. From US$40
  • Vintage Blazers – you can probably find some adorable velvet and corduroy suit jackets looking for a good home at your favorite thrift store – hide any blemishes with a lapel pin or scarf. They also look great over non-work-appropriate tops (like t-shirts) to make you look instantaneously boss. Normally under $30

What about you? What’s your favorite safe for work outfit?

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