Story of an Italian fashion blogger

Alessia is an italian fashion blogger from Rome. Her blog Fleur d’Hiver is a place where people find their inspirations on fashion style and discover about beauty products and travel tips. Alessia has distingueshed herself for her classical chic style and her travels around the globe.

In her early life, as many little girls, she loved to play the piano and took ballet classes. At the age of 10 she was already attending the National Ballet Academy of Rome. Her background led Alessia to the appreciation of any kind of self expression of art, including fashion. Alessia started her blog Fleur d’Hiver four years ago, after doing some modeling and after having taken some acting master classes she found the right inspiration to create her own space on the web. She started to share everything online, her outfits and opinions on fashion and style. The idea of combining fashion, modeling and photography soon enough it became a job.

Being a fashion blogger in Italy means that you have to keep up with the expectations of your readers, because fashion is part of the Italian culture and most of the italian women like to be sophisticated. It doesn’t necessarily means that you have to be more sophisticated than them because it’s not a competition, you just need to understand what people want to know more about.

The main idea of being a blogger was to create something personal that could somehow inspire the others, and help them to feel better by wearing the right clothes. She noticed that people who aren’t satisfied with their image usually underestimate how the style of their clothes can change the way they perceive themselves. It was something that she was already doing with her friends in my everyday life.


When she started, in 2013, it was hard to find someone who could help her with the technical steps to create a blog. She was studying Linguistics and Intercultural Mediation at the University so she didn’t have any knowledge of blogging or website building. Being a blogger and working with technology can be challenging if you live in a traditional country where there isn’t much interest in this area. If you have a technological idea in Italy, you probably have few chances to develop it. When she realized that she had  to create the blog on her own, she started to do a lot of studying and few weeks later the blog Fleur d’Hiver was online.

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