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Every once in a while, I get a record on my desk that is so good that I just sit there and listen to the whole thing in one sitting. Trust me, this doesn’t happen that often.

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When I first got “BARE” by Celeste Buckingham, I sat in silence and listened through the whole record. TWICE! This right here is a lady with both talent and looks. She has an attitude that shines through with every song on this record. The last time I got a feeling like this, is when I first heard Lady Gaga’s “The Fame Monster”.

I have to say that Celeste Buckingham was a new artist for me, but after doing some research, I quickly found out that she most definitely isn’t a newcomer. This girl is a star! And well deserving I might add. She has been on the cover of several magazines, she is the youngest X-factor judge anywhere in the world (!!) and her voice and music speaks for itself.

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The first track of a record will often, or most of the time set the bar for what the listener expect from the record. The bas is set high with this one. There is some hints of 90’s early 00’s hooks in this track and it’s mixed with a great production, great lyrics and amazing vocals. At 2:24 the bridge hits and it takes the whole experience over to a brand new level, before it cools down into the chorus again. Just I like it!

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The next few tracks take me a bit by surprise both with style and sound. Addict is a more brutal song with a lot going on. I get a hint of Shakira vibes mixed with Celeste’s own personal sound that sounds like nothing or nobody else. With this powerhouse of a start of the record I get blown away with the next track. Rose. My God. This is a ballade with so much emotions and feeling that you can’t help get emotional listening to it. Not to mention a vocal performance that will stay with me for a long long time.

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Today, as the album format is slowly dying. More often than not, there will be one or two singles on an album, the rest will be fillers. Sorry, but that’s the way it has become. Not with this record. Thank God. The next few songs pops out of the speakers and every single song has their own identity with their own feel, flow and groove. 10 songs and 10 so different songs. That’s a hard thing to do these days. Celeste Buckingham has done it with this one.

The ending of the record is one of my two personal favorites on the record. Intoxicated is a darker more serious track and I know I might get some heat for saying this, but I get a Eminem feeling in the verse and it’s not many people in the world who can get away with that. Only Celeste and eh.. well.. Eminem.

So there you have it folks. It’s only January and already I feel like 2018 has peaked.

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Check out Celeste Buckingham here:

Official website: www.celestebuckingham.com

celeste buckingham magazine celestebuckingham.com, ITunes


Full track list:

1     Paradise

2     Addict

3     Intoxicated

4     All This

5     Rose

6     Go Away

7     Selfish

8     Immature

9     Trip

10   Time Is Ours

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I can’t stress this issue enough, HAVE TO BUY IT

on ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bare/1304996155



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