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Summer is firmly in its stride

Summer is firmly in its stride, and with it is the need to evaluate your summer looks for when you’re out and about. The versatile t-shirt should have pride of place in your current wardrobe selection, I know I have about of dozen to be able to mix and match with whatever ensemble I’m throwing together. A must for any t-shirt collection though is the logo or type t-shirt, making a statement or following a trend is all the rage and celebrities in particular love the way they can express themselves even more with a cool logo or text t-shirt.

Tshirts can represent who you are or what you follow, it’s almost got that tribal appeal to belonging to a movement or declaration of what you believe in or swear by. Pop Culture, Rock bands, licensed tshirts from TV and Film, movie quotes, patterns and abstract designs all go some way in defining who we are when the suns out.

T-shirt designers are always pushing the creative envelope in devising suitably appealing imagery that people can wear and make a statement with. A craze that continues to grow is the print on demand t-shirt, the ability to craft and design something yourself based on your own design. Tee Spring, Tee Chip Red Bubble and Zazzle all offer a print on demand service that can see your own styles and designs adorn any of the t-shirt styles and hoodies they have on offer.

T-shirt culture has been around for years, being able to define our look and communicate our own personal expression or personal vibe is something that fashion and the all reliable t-shirt have done for decades.

Ripped Pimp, a recently launched t-shirt fan page on Facebook covers all kinds of designs, artists and celebrities, worth checking out if you want to spy what everyone in Hollywood and beyond has been wearing, it also features some very cool insights into t-shirt culture especially with celebrities.



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