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The launch of Exilium, a Production company lead by Hispanic Filmmakers

Filmmakers Jose Daniel Freixas and Tony Gonzalez have joined to form Exilium, an international production company that will cater to the pursuit of diverse content that is to be shared among all distribution platforms. Exilium will focus on developing and financing film, television, and digital content, all sharing the same narrative of giving the audience stories from a minority perspective.

The filmmakers recently completed their first film “Vandal” under the Exilium banner. Directed by Jose Daniel Freixas, and based on personal stories rooted in Freixas’ upbringing in Miami, “Vandal” unveils the underground world of graffiti in Miami and its many layers.

The film stars up and coming talent Daniel Zovatto  (HBO’s Here and Now), Beau Knapp (Nice Guys), Otmara Marrero (newcomer, most recently starring in “Start Up” tv show), Juan Pablo Raba (Narcos), and veteran actor, Richard Schiff (The West Wing).  Produced by Tony Gonzalez and Executive Produced by heavyweight, Rob Weiss (Ballers, Entourage) and graffiti legend Kelly “Risk” Graval, “Vandal” delivers an authentic drama about art, love, and war against the backdrop of a beautiful, gritty Miami that Freixas lived and together captured in the script with co-writer Gonzalez.

Freixas and Gonzalez have continued to pioneer a path for Latin filmmakers, but are fueling their successes in the film industry on inclusivity and pride in their roots. The pair named their company Exilium, which is Latin for ‘exile’, in honor of their cuban heritage. Both Freixas and Gonzalez pay homage to their own roots through their work, and feel all backgrounds are deserving of hearing their stories told.

Filmmakers Exilium, filmmakers, Freixas, Freixas and Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Jose Daniel Freixas, Tony Gonzalez

As well as Vandal the pair are also working on a number of other projects including The Corporation, which is a film in development based on a book by T.J. English set to come out in March this year. The book has already set records for pre sales and is being produced by Freixas and Gonzalez alongside Leonardo Di Caprio and his production company, Appian Way, and will star Benicio Del Toro.

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