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The Michael Kor’s Jet Set BLACK Tote

The universe will dictate that I would find the flawless school bag a few weeks beforehand I graduate. If you have read this blog for any quantity of time, you’re perhaps acquainted with the on-going bag hunt saga that’s resulted in me possessing three very diverse bags (and buying and recurring countless more).  In order, I have carried the Michael Kors Hamilton Tote, a Kate Spade Saturday Tote, in addition to the big Longchamp Tote. Not going to lie, this was one of my costlier experimentation stages. Oops! Worthy news, if you are on the hunt for a bag for grad school or else in search of a new work bag, you could learn from my errors.more details visit:

I wasn’t aiming to buying another Michael Kors bag, however when I saw the Jet Set Travel Tote, I was fascinated. In the previous, I’ve directed away from big totes like this one or else the Rebecca Mink off MAB bag for two causes. First, we have all had that instant wherever you’re digging over the bottommost of your bag to discover your wallet or else keys whereas standing in the rain. (or is that simply me?) That struggle is actual folks, and always ends in my pouring my life’s properties onto the New York path just to get into my studio flat. Secondly, as somebody who lives on the short-side of life, those large bags could look kind of absurd on me. However, there were three causes I provided the Jet Set Travel Tote a second chance:

  • Organization: There is an in padded laptop sleeve that could fit a 13 inch MacBook pro or else an ipad. The sleeve is in the middle of the tote, which is actually nice since it works as a separator for the bag and (in my mind) increases an additional layer of defense between my costliest electronic and the outer world.
  • SEVEN pockes of diverse shapes and sizes. This was my main complaint around the Longchamp. I used to consider that I was losing all my pens as well as lip glosses until I emptied out my Longchamp and found around two years of splendor and office supplies. That hasn’t occurred since I got the Jet Set Tote, so life is certainly better
  • Saffiano leather: So this one is actually a personal preference however I really like this kind of leather. It feels more sturdy, the bag is actual structured, and the material doesn’t display scratches and cleans actually easily. One of the substitutes that I seriously measured was the Dagne Dover tote, however I had a really tough time justifying $300 for canvas bag

I meant to take a image of what my bag looks like filled, but trust me that it contentedly holds a holding a laptop, wallet, coin purse, phone, water bottle, lunch thermos, in addition to a small bag with my toiletries, various chargers. I’m not going to say it isn’t weighty but till I learn to carry less, I am just going to have to faith it’s building my upper body forte.visit:


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