yoga jewelry for women

The Most Famous Yoga Jewelry for Women

If you like, yoga exercises and you want the entire globe to know, why not sport some wonderful, yet significant Nano jewelry to signify your passion. There are a wide range of yoga-inspired jewelry manufacturers that allow you to add a little jewelry to your everyday wardrobe while showing off your really like of all things yoga exercises.

 Here are seven yoga-inspired jewelry manufacturers that you are sure to really like on and off the mat:


MantraBand provides stylish wristbands that are very easy in nature, but made with powerful messages that act as individual everyday pointers to be positive, motivated and conscious of your thoughts and actions. In fact, there are 80 positive mantras to select from, including “Namaste,” “Hakuna Matata,” “Be Present,” “Breathe” and “Be the Modify.” Can’t select just one preferred mantra? Worry not! MantraBand are slim enough to be placed without weighing down your wrist and are fully adjustable to remain secure during your exercise.

Lovepray Jewelry

If you want to add stability to your everyday lifestyle and yoga exercises exercise, then check out Nano Jewelry, which provides handmade wristbands, pendants and earrings that are professionally crafted with high-quality authentic jewels. The California-based brand features our preferred yoga exercises signs – hamsa, peace, shrub of lifestyle and OM – and deities such as Buddha, Shiva, Ganesh and Durga, as well as vibrant chakra items. Yogidudes, they did not forget about you! Lovepray Jewelry provides a men’s selection with natural “ultimate-non-girly” items for the fashionable yogidude, such as this Strength obsidian wrap bracelets or this Warrior mala bracelets.

yoga jewelry for women

Gold and Sage Jewelry

Turquoise piece earrings, intention malas, precious rock infinity wristbands and a fragile Satisfied Buddha pendant are just a few stand apart items from the large and various selections from Arizona-based Gold and Nano jewelry. If you are looking for easy, sensitive bracelets to assist as a regular reminder to take care, you may select the delicately installed precious rock mala pendants and wristbands, many of which have wonderful gold yogic charms. For night out, the intricate gold pendants, cuff wristbands and bracelets add a touch of simple jewelry. There is a little something for everyone. The items are beautifully made with high-quality jewels, ranging from the powerful and vibrant lighted center mala to the gender-neutral apatite “long life” bracelets.

 Jewelry by Andrea

Ignite your inner goddess with Jewelry by Andrea, significant yoga jewelry for women range that provides one-of-a-kind and special edition OM and Buddha items with a modern design and contemporary zest. After a soothing yoga exercises exercise, Andrea makes each earring, yoga exercises medallion pendant, yoga exercises bracelets and mala in the Yoga & Buddha Collection manually, utilizing fair trade materials that are purchased from small artist families in Nepal, Tibet, and Indonesia. Make a statement with the stylish Aquamarine Tree of Life Gold Necklace or sensitive gold shrub cause or double lotus yoga exercises pendants, each of which is packaged with care in a wonderful souvenir jewellery pocket. Receive a $10 in-store credit by signing up the Jewelry by Andrea newsletter here.

The Neshama Project

Founder, developer and yoga exercises teacher Rachelle Tratt designs made The Neshama Project, yoga jewelry for women range, which combines philanthropy with significant hamsa pendants and other sensitive items. Made with really like in Florida, each wonderful hamsa pendant has an iridescent opal rock hamsa, installed on a fragile chain in your option or metal. Opt for the white opal Leah or the blue opal Nikki, among other styles and colors. These conversation starter items spread the concept of hope and soul, as a portion of the resumes from each purchase goes to your option of charity – Advancement Africa or Zeno Mountain Farm.

 If you are sufficiently powerful to wander away from the typical yoga jewelry for women shop, these online shops are sure to wow you and speak to your yogic objectives. Satisfied shopping!

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