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For those that like their shirt tucked in, keeping the shirt tucked in can prove extremely difficult and frustrating.
Shirtnbelt is a revolutionary product that is upping the tuck-in game.
It looks a standard shirt, but uses the breakthrough RUBBR technology that enables a super tight fit and you will never have to tuck your shirt again. Easy to use, comfortable, invisible.

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Shirtnbelt just launched on Kickstarter and available on Early Bird pricing:

The shirt made by this UK fashion startup have unique French bespoke tailoring and are made of exclusive high-quality fabric. Even small details, as the belt buckle is custom made from aerospace grade aluminum for maximum durability.

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You can learn more about the tech here:

We wanted to create the perfect shirt, so our premium version comes with the revolutionary breathable stain and sweat resistant INDUO® fabric for maximum comfort and durability.

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Company info

Shirtnbelt is UK based startup founded in 2017, by three friends.

Product info, overview

People are wearing shirts every day since thousands of years, but there is a seemingly minor
issue with them: they don’t stay tucked in. Every day millions of shirt wearing professionals are
affected by this problem and there are many solutions, but none of them are aesthetic nor
works perfectly.

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Shirtnbelt is a revolutionary product that is seemingly a normal shirt, but it uses the
breakthrough RUBBR technology that enables it to stay firmly on the wearer throughout the
whole day. Hassle free, comfortable, aesthetic. Available now on Kickstarter.

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Key product features are:
– Unique C2S bespoke tailoring
– Exclusive high-quality pure cotton fabric
– Invisible easy to fit RUBBER belt tech with aerospace grade custom aluminum buckle
– Stays tucked in all day long

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The premium version of the product is available in the stain and sweat resistant breathable
INDUO fabric. For more reference please visit

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Have you ever felt that the forever lasting shirt tucking annoys you greatly? Three office guys
also had the same problem when they created shirtnbelt, the first shirt on the world that always
stays tucked in. It uses the revolutionary RUBBR technology that enables it to stay firmly on the
wearer throughout the whole day. Their promise is an invisible and easy to use solution to
forget the tucking forever. They have set a high quality standard as their shirts are made at

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