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things you must keep in your beach bag

Summer is on its way in northern hemisphere! It’s almost time to break out the bikinis as well as brave the seashore. However, a day in the sun could be ruined without the appropriate beach accessories. To make certain you do not leave any of the essentials at the house, I have put together a list of 7 summer must-haves to pack for your next trip to the beach!



Sunblock is the most important thing you should bring to the seashore – after your bikini. There is nothing worse than that viciously red glow accompanied by unattractive peeling. Be sure to carry one with a high SPF for your face as well as a somewhat lower SPF for the rest of your body, as well as make certain both are waterproof and won’t require you to reapply after every individually splash.

  1. WATER

Spending the daytime sweating it out beneath the dazzling sun can leave you dehydrated. To replace the fluid you have lost all through the day, it is important that you drink water frequently so make certain the jug you pack is large and will last many hours. Beach snacks as well as drinks are costly so bringing your own water is a cash saver too!

  1. A large BEACH TOWEL

Stretching out in the sand is always more comfortable when you have the right beach towel.  My personal favorite is this circular oversized beach towel from Maven Boutique LA. It is stylish and comfy and will keep you and your snacks free from sand during the visit.


Shades are another beach staple that should be with you at all times. Sunglasses protect your eyes from damaging UV rays and help avoid the squinting that causes fine lines and wrinkles later in life. Pick up a cute pair of Raybans or Aviators and you’ll be safe and stylish all day.


As you know, beaches can get pretty hectic in the summer so if you plan to meet your friends on the sand, keep your cell phones nearby. One of the simplest ways to do this is investing in a beach bag that includes a small pouch for your phone – this will ensure you can find your phone quickly and also will help to protect it from salt water and sand.


If you’re planning to be out for the whole day, you probably want to keep a few light snacks in your beach bag. Go for something refreshing – fruit salad is a great pick if you happen to have a container that will keep it cool and crisp. Avoid oily foods, like chips, as these don’t do well in the heat, and stay away from heavier meals that will make you bloat in your bikini!


Dry, chapped and sunburned lips can really spoil your experience of an otherwise perfect day. When packing lip balm in your beach bag, go for something with a UV protector to keep your lips shiny and sunburn-free.

For more suggestions visit Maven Boutique LA: Inside our Beach Bag. What are your go-to items for the beach? Share them with us below!