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Three Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Testimonials and Reviews

Wedding photographers might be artists, but they are also business men and women. Hence, a reputable and established wedding photographer or company will have their reputation and at least a portion of their business accounted for by online reviews and testimonials.

Take, for example, professional photographer, Francesca Hill. There is no doubt that the work she has herself placed on her website is stunning; she’d be a lousy business person to do anything but showcase her best work. That said, her work, itself, should not be enough to sell her services, whilst it may prove her worth as an artist.

Therefore, when considering a wedding photographer, read testimonials and pay close attention to reviews. In a matter of minutes, an online search has returned a number of testimonials, including those featured on Francesca Hill’s website; clients whom are willing to take the time to write a testimonial for a business only do so when they are genuinely impressed by the service and quality of ‘product(s)’ they have received. Further, see is a photographer has their own Facebook page; the amount of ‘likes’ a business has earned is further testament to its reputation.


Imagination is limitless; reality, in contrast, is defined by its limits; hence, the fairytale big day you have planned out in your head can all too often end up being very different in reality. One of the major, if somewhat unpalatable, realities of planning a fairytale wedding is cost. Consequently, while money should never be the only determining factor in your choice of wedding photographer, it should always be taken into consideration. Getting a deal to suit your budget should be a deciding factor, but getting a photographer who suits you and your ‘vision’ should always be the deal-maker – or breaker.

To quote professional photographer Mark Dolby, as to how much the average couple should budget for both a good deal and an equally good product: ‘“The simple answer is £1200, including your album and disc of images,”. The most important advice Mark gives though, is perhaps to say that: “How much you spend on a photographer really depends on how important the photos are to you.’ Hence, ask yourself – and your partner – what your wedding photographers mean to you, and to you both as a couple. The answer to that question will go a long way in determining the amount of budget you set aside for photography, and the calibre of photographer you invest in.


Another determining factor in who to turn to in order to capture your big day is a matter of style. Every photographer has their own style – and so does every couple. Hence, the trick is to find a photographer who is able to understand and work according to your style. The only way to achieve this is to find a photographer who mirrors your own style and whose work reflects your own ‘vision’.

Often identifying a photographer who possesses this kindred sense of style and approach is to speak with photographers. You and your partner may find a pile of photographers whose work you both admire and resonate with, but whether any of those photographers are actually the right photographer to capture your big day is usually determined when you make contact with that artist. Rapport, hence, is what to seek, having already amassed a list of photographers whose work impresses you.

To get personal, my own sensibilities lean towards those exemplified in the work of photographers such as Katy of Katy & Co. Photographer, Katy by her own admission employs a ‘relaxed, unobtrusive and fun’ approach to photography which I feel shines through in her work. While a photographer is capturing your day, their style needs to marry with yours because ultimately style is the lens through which your pictures will be taken. Consequently, tip three has got to be – speak with photographers…and lots of them.