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Tips on choosing a live band for your wedding

Wedding is an auspicious event in one’s lifetime. It is one of the most celebrated occasions among families across the world. Wedding is just not about fun and happiness. It has a lot of serious planning involved with it. Starting from the wedding venue to the guest list to the numerous other arrangements like catering and decorations, every aspect has to be looked into. One trending part of a wedding is the live music band that provides entertainment to the guests and invitees.

Let us look at some of the options of music bands for the grand wedding day.

  1. Rock and Pop Function Bands

The rock and pop London function bands are the ones who can play a wide range of music. They are well versed in time-tested classics as well as modern music. They can set all age groups to grooves. Youngsters as well as the senior crowd enjoy this music. It is a perfect blend to entertain the varied type of guests. The band consists of four or five members. This is most ideal for parties and weddings.

  1. Jazz Bands

This genre of bands will get all the guests to the dance floor. Everyone is most likely to swing and enjoy themselves. Sounds of saxophone, piano and drums will jam out together creating a grand party feel. It creates a relieving atmosphere which all the quests enjoy.

  1. Rat Pack and Swing Bands

These kinds of bands bring a lot of style and sophistication to any party. Therefore, these can be an excellent option for wedding parties to charm all the guests. Bands those choose to recreate the music of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are a hit. It gives a Las Vegas touch to the entire function.

  1. Swing, Jive and Rock n Roll Bands

These bands are fun and energetic. These are suitable for friends and young crowd as they play energetic and peppy numbers. The strong vocals and slick music is a sure shot hit among the youngsters. The music is dynamic and is enticing for public events such as weddings.

  1. Big Bands

Big bands comprise of a jazz group of ten or more musicians who play saxophones, trombones, trumpets, guitars and may be a piano or two. They play foot tapping music and is perfect for elegant yet grand weddings.

  1. Tribute Bands

These are the band that mimics great performers such as Elvis Presley or Robbie Williams. This creates a dream-come-true effect. It feels like the great performers are actually present to create the magic of their hit music. Some tribute bands offer songs from an era and try to help audiences relive the music of that said era, for instance, music from the 80’s or 90’s.

It is very important to choose the right kind of band for a wedding. An appropriate choice can entertain the guests such that they remember the day fondly, however, a wrong choice of band can goof up the entire experience. Thus, it is better to plan well in advance and hire the right kind of band for the most important day of the bride’s and groom’s life.