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Top Venues that Change the Way You Party

Partying is one of the most enjoyable things to do to celebrate life, as you get to set yourself free from inhibitions, meet new people, and spend just pure fun time with friends. But if you’re the one organizing a party, then this is an entirely different matter. You not only need to prepare everything-you also have to make sure that everybody present gets to enjoy what you have in store.

But how should you organize a successful party? The venue actually plays a big role in this task, mainly because it contains everything-the setting, the motif, the facilities, the food, and the floor space where your guests will socialize. A good venue has all the elements needed for a party, but a great venue is one that has more than that. Rather, a great venue is one that stands out from the rest in terms of quality and space.

So how do you find the best venues for your upcoming parties? Here are some considerations:

  1. The yacht.

Yes, yachts are becoming pretty popular party venues in Singapore, and this is because of their chic and luxurious appeal. If you host a party in a yacht, then it means you are throwing a really extravagant celebration. But more than the classy image, yacht venues also provide you with everything you need-from a trained service crew to complete facilities (lights, sounds, etc.) and as well as a tour of the sea, which is something other mainland venues cannot provide.

If the party you’re hosting is intended for close friends, then a yacht is also the best choice. You need not be fancy, but rather give your guests the quality time to spend together and just chill throughout the fete.

  1. The penthouse.

Meanwhile, if you want to hold a party under the stars, then the penthouse would be a great venue to check out. Penthouse parties have been a convention, and this is because of the fabulous view of the cityscape during the night.

There are penthouse venues that are situated not in roof decks, but rather at revolving restaurants, and they prove to be great alternatives to the typical top floor setting. Revolving restaurants as party venues also provide a panoramic view of the city lights, and are as well designed to accommodate bigger crowds not only in terms of floor space, but also for food and wine.

  1. Open gardens.

They used to be closely linked to weddings, but open gardens are starting to become great choices for unique party venues. This is because open gardens showcase the beauty of nature, and at the same time they present a certain sense of risk to the guests-when the weather gets playful, a party under the rain may be experienced.

But open gardens are a good venue for both daytime and evening gatherings. They are suited for family reunions and intimate celebrations, especially to those who are already bored of the traditional indoor function hall setting.

  1. Poolside.

On the other hand, if you want your party to be less formal and more of fun and games, then do it by the pool. Pool party venues in Singapore are always a hit since they offer a specific area where guests can relax and mingle without the need of maintaining a prim and proper look.

Poolside party venues are also convenient because they usually come with a bar and a trained crew who are ready to provide the food and beverage which the guests will be consuming throughout the celebration.

  1. Old mansions.

Old mansions offer a historic and at the same time homey vibe and their ambiance give more character to your party. There are mansions that are being converted into party venues too, and at times they can be cheaper than the typical function halls. You may just have to be more creative in the design and layout of your other party needs so that your venue will be brought to life once the celebration starts.

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