Top Ways Millennials Practice Religion

Church attendance has been very low as observed by many people. Everyone would rather ask Google than their priest about life problems. This does not necessarily mean that millennials are entirely abandoning religion. They are adapting it to their lifestyles. Just like Uebert Angel and The Good News Church are reaching out to millennials to practice religion with them.

Several religious organizations with an online presence is increasing by the minute. With technology as an integral part of youth culture, it is only natural that religious groups will try to make their presence known in these spaces. It has proven to be quite successful for some religious organizations. Millennials have shifted the focus from active physical presence in religious spaces to online participation. This shift has allowed for people to come together in ways that stretch far beyond physical proximity and unify people from different parts of the world under religion.

Informal Churches are now on the rise. Within these churches, the traditional format of churches is now a thing of the past. In an informal church, guests are welcome to wear casual clothing as well as services in unconventional spaces to remove the stringent connotations that churches have obtained overtime. In addition, the church has tried to get involved with its community in other ways.


Religion can benefit millennials by showing how greater levels of happiness can be achieved by being more aware of the blessings we already have. We constantly yearn for what we don’t have while we overlook the blessings we do possess: health, a roof over our head, family, the company of good friends. Judaism and other faith systems compel us to acknowledge those gifts through the simple recitation of a blessing. Studies show the more grateful the person, the happier and more content he or she is.

Millennials are far different than the rest of the country when it comes to beliefs. More than a third of millennials in both groups were religiously unaffiliated, at 34 percent and 36 percent, respectively. In short, Millennials are still more likely to be Christian than anything else. And, there’s a higher number of Millennials checking off the “none of the above” box when it comes to religious preferences.

Uebert Angel and The Good News Church welcomes every millennial to their Church. Millennials are making their own churches through their own belief structures. Even if you decide that entering a building or a community is what you want, remember: that’s your decision to make, based from your own thoughts. We’re all our own little churches walking about.

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