Life and Style Ulloo 42

ULLOO 42 the Lifestyle brand that brings both Life and Style into any home

Ulloo 42, a Lifestyle brand committed to making exciting, exquisite, custom, one of a kind, rare and state-of-the-art accessories, tableware, furniture, and décor. Every item, every piece of work is genuinely inspired, created by hand, and made with love, from the littlest of items such as jewelry and coasters to dining tables and arm chairs.

Ulloo 42 place special emphasis on blessing the planet with style and beauty while making a point of lighting up the atmosphere with fun and being the object in the room that initiates the most interesting conversations.

Ulloo 42 are sending out a signal of inspiration to all creative minds from far and wide with no age limit, all culturists, and fashionistas. Ulloo 42 invites you to explore their unique collection of the work of art which comprises of a combination of fashion accessories, furnishes, and decorations, as well as lifestyle products.

What does Ulloo 42 mean and who are they? The name can be split into two parts; the first part ULLOO is an alternative to the word ULO, which can be interpreted to mean a “house” in native Igbo Language, and also means “an Owl” in Hindi. The other half of the name contains the number 42, which is a symbol of treasure with which it is attached, this treasure of unknown amount of value was mentioned by Douglas Adams, where he clearly stated it to be the only logical answer to the universe’ most important question (reference can be found in his novel, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).

Life and Style1 Ulloo 42

The creators of Ulloo 42, the geniuses behind the curtain, we have Lise Abraham and Suzanne Currie, who firmly believe that art and design should cause a smile on people regularly.

This Christmas, give a gift that is undeniably unique and life changing. Whether it’s a little piece or a room changing centerpiece, everyone should have a bit of Ulloo 42 in their lives.

Now available at SOCO in Orange County at Ulloo 42 pop up.

ULLOO 42 the gift you give when you want to give something truly special and completely different- also available online at

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