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Unique Engagement Ring Ideas

The question most future brides ask when picking out an engagement ring is – will I love it forever? The answer is YES… that is, if you do your homework in advance. Some women are happy with a simple diamond solitaire; while others want to wear something that reflects who they are. The fact is both types of women can benefit from a little upfront knowledge.

These days everyone can find their perfect ring because buying “off-the-shelf” is no longer necessary. Custom engagement rings don’t have to cost a penny more than their previously designed cousins… and owning a unique design is trending. Here are a few tips that may help you discover what your inner bride is longing to wear on her left-hand, ring finger.

The Mokume-Gane Technique is Spectacular

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Have you ever seen anyone wearing a mokume-gane designed ring? Paired with a fancy colored or sparkling white diamond and you will have yourself an absolutely stunning ring that will go the distance.

The technique is an ancient Japanese technique originally developed to craft swords. It was practically a lost art, but thanks to true jewelry artisans the technique has been revived. It’s basically two-to-three precious metals fused together and then pounded and forged until a luxurious and unique pattern emerges.

Lisa Krikawa, owner and jewelry designer Krikawa Jewelry, advises, “Work closely with a jeweler who specializes in this technique. They know which metals will provide the style and design you are after.”

Shop Vintage Style Engagement Rings

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If your mother or future mother-in-law is not ready or do not own an heirloom engagement ring to pass along, consider looking at vintage engagement rings that some jewelers have elected to obtain and display. There are some very unique designs from the past. Note: Vintage means that the ring is younger than 100 years old, while an antique ring would be more than 100 years. Therefore vintage rings are less expensive.

One of the fastest ways to shop vintage, is to shop online. You’ll be able to see the vintage selection from different jewelers and narrow down your choice in less than half the time.

Create a Custom Ring

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The best thing about having an engagement ring custom-made is that you will get exactly what you envision.  Look at this gorgeous turquoise engagement ring – it is as unique as it is classy and stylish. When you custom order a ring, it can be styled after an existing sample or created completely from scratch. Obviously, the latter costs a bit more, but when you think of a lifetime of wear it will be well worth it.

When ordering off an existing sample, your ring will still be completely customized. You will select your precious metal: Palladium, platinum and from about seven types of gold (yellow, green, rose, white) and three different weights (10K, 14K, 18K). You will also be able to select from white or fancy colored diamonds or other precious gemstones. The jeweler will help you make your selections based on your personal preferences, and budget.

Bottom line, don’t settle. Getting engaged is one of life’s most grandiose milestones and should not be taken lightly. If you are promising “forever” then select a ring that will last forever also!