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Unity Collection from EVOLVE Apparel

Shopping for clothes is not always an exact science. Sometimes you make purchases with little to no effort and sometimes it requires some pacing and pondering; Will it fit? Does that color look good on me? I actually just ran across a clothing line that is designed for absolutely everyone. EVOLVE Apparel is working to join people around the globe for one common goal… progress! It is the first apparel company created with all people in mind. They have recently launched a line of shirts that work for a great cause as well. It is called the Unity Collection; their latest t-shirt collection for both men and women.

Why is the Unity Collection so Different?

Despite the vividness and fashionable versatility of this amazing online t-shirt collection, there is a very humanly purpose to this particular apparel line. Each time you make a purchase from the Unity Collection, EVOLVE Apparel donates a portion of the respective sale to a charitable organization. They have actually structured this in a very interesting way; each shirt color is linked to a distinguished charitable organization. You essentially pick a t-shirt to match your favorite color, or the organization you wish to support:

  • Red shirts are linked with organizations like the Red Cross.
  • Yellow shirts are linked with organizations like the Livestrong Foundation.
  • Blue shirts are linked with organizations like the Humane Society.
  • Pink shirts are linked with organizations like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  • Purple shirts are linked with organizations like the March of Dimes.
  • Grey shirts are linked with organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project.
  • Orange shirts are linked with organizations like Action Against Hunger.
  • Green shirts are linked with organizations like World Wildlife Fund.

In simplest terms, the Unity Collection from EVOLVE Apparel allows you to support a wonderful cause with a simple, yet stylish t-shirt.

Why Charity?

EVOLVE Apparel believes that no matter your race, religious beliefs, political stance or financial status, we are all still human. Solidarity is at the core of their brand and everything they do. We have one planet and we all share it, it’s up to all of us where we go from here!

How Do I Get Involved?

Buy a t-shirt; it’s that simple! All you have to do is to purchase a t-shirt from their online store. Evolve will credit the funds to the respective organization from the color of the t-shirt you selected. If you are interested you may refer to one of the following links and learn more about their mission for progress and unity around the globe:


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