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Wedding Bells Are Ringing : Why a Professional Beauty Box is Essential as the Wedding Season Gets Under Way

Keep calm, but it’s almost that time of year again! The numbers show that the vast majority of couples choose to tie the knot between May and October, with more than 15% of all weddings in the UK taking place in the glorious, sunny month of June. So with precious few weeks left until the wedding bells start ringing in earnest, the time is right for makeup professionals everywhere to start getting ready for bridal season.

Aside from choosing ‘The Dress’, most brides will tell you that getting their makeup right on the day was at the top of the agenda. Looking back on all those professional photos and not being happy with how you looked is every bride’s biggest fear – for many, their special day has been months or even years in the planning, and their makeup has to live up to expectations and be as perfect as they always dreamed.

Up and down the country, professional makeup artists are either booked wall-to-wall or almost having to fend off enquiries from blushing brides-to-be. Having hair and makeup done before the ceremony is an incredibly intimate and special thing, particularly when bridesmaids, old girlfriends and close family are all involved. This is the quiet lull before the full-on rush which every wedding day turns into, and a rare couple of hours of indulgence after a long time spent planning, organising and fretting.

So how do you stand out from the crowd and convince potential clients that you’re the right choice for their big day?

Well, for starters, investing in a well-made, well-designed acrylic makeup box will give you that edge over the competition. Nothing shouts ‘high-end professional’ more loudly than a stylishly well-organised collection, because at a glance any bride can see that you’re the real deal.  With a fantastic collection of the highest quality acrylic beauty boxes, Lucy’s Beauty Box are the number one choice for serious makeup professionals when the wedding season gets under way.

Being able to transport all your products safely and easily becomes a high priority when you’re making home visits to wedding groups, particularly on those frantic Saturdays in the summer months when you might have back-to-back appointments.  We know how important it is to have everything laid out in order and ready to go, which is why our beauty boxes come complete with handy drawers and dividers to help you arrange your collection however best suits you.

No matter how much pressure you might feel as the brides-to-be come calling, with an acrylic makup organiser from Lucy’s Beauty Box you can at least eliminate the stress of not being able to find what you need.  Take some time to look over our fantastic collection before the bells start ringing – it may well put you ahead of the competition as the wedding season gets into full swing this summer!

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