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A wedding photographer is not just any photographer who originates along to take several shots; they must be capable to connect in a friendly as well as confident manner, with the bride, groom, bridal party, parents, grandparents and any kids at the wedding and, sometimes, even the pet dog. Photojournalist Horatio Franco of Studio Four Photography in Tampa, must interpret all the feelings and convert a part of their day, by that I mean that he must understand the feelings of the persons attending the wedding, after all, how else could the Tampa Wedding Photographer, capture these feelings on camera, if they do not feel as well as understand them?

It is the wedding photographer’s work to capture these feelings with a photojournalism approach in a truthful, yet attractive way to document the romance, enthusiasm and the final awareness of months, perhaps even years, of planning and preparation for this one day. The bride and groom would be nervous, the parents hoping everything runs as efficiently as they have intended for their children, trying not to look too anxious with all the concern around them. Horatio Franco frequently captures several great photographs of the children at weddings. He also photographs weddings in Central Florida that must reflect the occasions of the day in such a way that, seeing back, when you’re an old wedded couple, it would seem like the bridal was only yesterday.

All the details, arrangements and decorations need to be photographed, counting the church or other venue for the ceremony and obviously, the wedding reception. As a Tampa wedding photographer, Horatio considers a vigorous part of his work, to arrive early, get to know the outline of the wedding schedule, the layout of the site, choose the best spots and light for the award-winning shots that he always  captures, during the ceremony and celebrations, photographing unbelievable images.

Unluckily, there are still several churches that will not permit the religious ceremony to be photographed, which is additional cause I like to reach early, to provide myself the prospect to chat with the minister, priest or else official who would be conducting the ceremonial and if likely, gain a slight compromise, in such cases. A worthy wedding photographer would be aware of all the regions to consider for each occasion. Your wedding would be unique and your wedding photographs must also be unique.

My tactic to wedding photography is precise relaxed; I favor the wedding photojournalism method, as most top wedding photographers do. My bridal portfolio is full of real and relaxed portraits of couples enjoying their wedding day as well as spending time with friends, family and loved ones, not with the photographer.

In short, wedding photojournalism is very much a particular area and wedding photography must always be left to the expert. Weddings cannot be re-photographed in a photography studio, there is no redo. The photographer who selects to photograph weddings, had better know precisely what he or she is doing and be capable to get it correct, every time. It’s an enormous responsibility and needs an accountable and experienced wedding photographer. With more than 18 years experience and having photographed over 850 weddings, Horatio Franco of Studio Four Photography has surely experienced and seen everything that the unpredictability and flow of a wedding can throw at him. A classic example of “been there, done that, got the picture”.

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