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Wedding Photography by Blessed Weddings Inc

Anna Johnson is not only a multi-published, one of the Top 40 of International Boudoir Photographers Association but she is also a published Wedding Photographer located in Southern California.

Starting off as a boudoir Photographer and moving into the wedding world has been a fun and exciting adventure.  I have learned many things along the way like where to put my trust, confidence in myself and my intuition.   I have found that being both a Wedding photographer and Boudoir have allowed me to understand my brides better prior to their wedding.  We offer our brides all FREE engagement sessions with our packages so we can get to know the couple however getting to know close fun details happens during their boudoir session.


I never knew how much I would enjoy wedding photography because I knew that there was so much more put into a wedding then boudoir.  I had been a second at weddings for the past 3 years here and there and only to help someone out.  When I decided to launch weddings as a part of my company November 2014 it was a huge decision.  I had no idea that my decision to do this would take off and I would own one of San Diego’s top wedding photography companies. I have enjoyed every moment and it’s not uncommon to still see a tear or two run down my face while watching two become one.

The decision to name my wedding photography company “Blessed Weddings Inc.” came from a dream I had.  My sister (who passed from breast cancer 4 years ago) told me “You should name your company Blessed because you are blessed and it’s your desire to bless others”.  I awoke and that moment I looked at my husband and said “Well, there it is I shall call my company Blessed Wedding”.  It truly is our goal to help future couples getting married by not just providing wedding photography but by allowing them the option to customize their wedding package to meet their budget.


My advice to brides when searching for a wedding photographer is to look at the quality of the photography, ask to see real weddings that the photographer has done, Read your contract, make sure this person is insured for the wedding venue, and most importantly be sure that you get along with your photographer and like their personality.  There is nothing worse than spending an entire day with someone that drives you nuts.

My advice to new photographers is find someone who are wanting to shadow, or who will mentor you.  Wedding photography is a huge task from getting correct contracts to timelines and making sure your client will be happy.    I have had many amazing mentors throughout my photography and I have grown the most when I had someone teaching me or showing me what I can change.  I believe if you keep on honing your craft and skill then you’re sure to succeed.  Never compare or try to be like someone you admire photography is an art and just create work that emulates you.