bride on your wedding

What are you going to gift your new bride on your wedding?

Weddings are once in a lifetime event which everyone likes to treasure. What better way to celebrate the occasion than sending a thoughtful gift to your beloved and nervous wife-to-be? Not only this will enhance her happiness by several notches but also will help her tackle the pre-wedding jitters well.

There is no dearth of great shopping centers in Bangalore, selling everything a woman adores under the sun. However, as we all know, shopping for girly stuff may not be a man’s cup of tea. Moreover, you are most certainly not supposed to buy anything random. Your gift needs to be really special; as unique as your relationship with her. Puzzled? We can understand and hence, have come up with a few ideas, which you can steal to seal the deal. Bonus, your candid wedding photographer will be able to capture the never-seen-before expressions of your bride once she receives her surprise.

A framed love letter: What is more personal than writing her your heart on your wedding? Put on a paper how you feel about her, how do you envision your future together and your commitments towards keeping her happy throughout your conjugal life. Take it to a good printing services company like GK Vale or Printo and ask them to engrave it on a material of your choice. Alternatively, you can print the text on your favorite image from your pre-wedding photoshoot and frame it appropriately. We bet, she will not be able to hold her emotions.

Slideshow of memories: Use the zillion selfies, that you have taken during your courtship period, to your advantage. Make a slideshow with them along with a few more professional snaps from your pre-wedding ceremonies. Team it with some taglines and romantic tunes and run it at your wedding venue. And voila! You have just impressed not only your bride but also other attendees with your sheer romanticism and creativity!

Learn a special skill: If you have time and will, you can impress your bride by learning a new skill which she appreciates like singing, dancing or painting. Perform on your wedding day to surprise her. However, make sure that you practice the skill really well. Otherwise, this may lead to embarrassment.

Make a portrait of her: Hire an artist to make a portrait of her from a good photograph, since you wouldn’t want her to know about the same beforehand. Share the details of her personality with the artist so that, the portrait reflects her true self.

Custom engraved jewelry: If you are that shy kind and looking for more fuss-free options, a great piece of jewelry, with a personal message engraved, will do the trick. Get her a bracelet with your names etched. A diamond pendant with her initial is also a good option.

Exotic honeymoon: Do this only if you are sure that, you haven’t decided on your honeymoon yet. Take her to a place dreams are made of. But first, understand what she likes. Is it the beaches or hills or adventure or history? A nice cruise will also be worth considering.

Champagne and flowers: This one is for the procrastinators. However, you may be easily forgiven since women love these two items. Just don’t forget to add a sweet personal message to the bouquet. You may just make her day!

The above ideas are just to help you figure out what to gift your bride on the special day of your life. You are always free to experiment depending on your preferences and budget. Whatever you gift, ask your Bangalore wedding photographer to take good pictures of the same, so that you can revisit the memories again and again.

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