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Why Do Guys Keep Ruining Everything, The Romp-him Travesty.

Do you remember when you were growing up playing with that favorite toy. When along comes your little brother demanding that he gets a turn. Which of course leads to the Romper 3 TiAdoraClothing.comparent’s intervention, and the immediate loss of your beloved trinket. We have all been there, and we all hated that feeling. My question now is, how is that still happening? If I could have chosen one cavity of our lives in which our nice things would have been kept safe from the rapacious male species, I would have chosen our closets. However, I would have been proven horribly wrong. Rompers have become one of the top clothing items for women around the nation. Like most women I am a huge fan, I own Rompers from retail stores such as Macy’s and Forever 21. Also my new favorite in online shopping, as shown in the pictures. (Shameless plug I know, just trying to get more free stuff) We are enjoying our beautiful new rompers when in clumsily stumbles in the males, just to ruin our sparkling new toy. The romp-him, a romper for men? My first reaction when seeing this product was laughter. My chuckle being the reaction to the assumption that this had to be a gag. Someone’s clever jab at the growing popularity of the romper. As the photos, comments, and posts grew in number the realization of this crude parody became clear. Now please understand I relies I am addressing this subject with an immoderate dramatic approach. And yes I believe everyone should be able to wear what they romper 18 TiAdoraClothing.comwant when they want. I am just saying there is a reason that the phase “to each his own”, originated with the Nazi’s. It comes as no surprise that men would attempt to hijack some form of women’s culture to make it their own. It has happened countless times in history, in several different forms, in science such as Rosalin Frankin and the discovery of DNA. Lise Meitner and the discovery of nuclear fission, in literature, Mary Shelley who published Frankenstien. To the less significant such as Elizabeth Magie and the creation of the board game Monopoly.  Just to have all their concepts pilfered by their male counterparts. I want to be clear, I am all for guys wearing rompers. My issue is what is the reason for the need to slightly change the name and then launch an ad campaign declaring the revolutionary new product.  If they like the rompers and want to wear them I say great! You can even borrow mine, just do me a favor. When you are borrowing it and someone compliments you, please don’t be ashamed to proclaim how your great new look is the result of women. But who am I kidding, no one is going to compliment you. If they do they will simply be mocking you because the truth is guys look ridiculous in rompers because, and here is the kicker, they are made for women. Stick to your mid-thigh shorts and boat shoes, and stay out of our closets.

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