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Why do the Russian women dating online want to marry foreigners?

This is not an idle question, but rather a practical one. Western men who are only putting out a feeler about the opportunities of Eastern online dating may be asking themselves – what is it for Russian women in marrying foreigners? What do these sultry women really want? Are they after our hard-earned money, eager to abandon their Motherland being clamorous for a better future for themselves and their kids? May be they are dishonest and scheming criminals looking for easy ways to enrich themselves scrounging off their Western husbands? We receive such questions quite often from our inexperienced Western clients, so the time is ripe to cross the “t” in this issue.

Most Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan and Belorussian women (who usually speak only Russian, by the way) in reality are chasing nothing but their own elusive happiness, in an astonishingly unselfish manner that is quite rare among Western women. This, combined with a magnetically attractive appearance, is an ideal combination that has the unquestionable appeal to any Western man. It is also true that the Russian dating online if you want to date Russian women for free on international dating sites, this activity is currently experiencing an unprecedented revival. It is explained by the country-wide expansion of new electronic technologies such as wireless Internet access, as well as by an increasing poverty in many Eastern European countries.


Russian women have become more liberated since 1989, they can travel around the globe and enjoy the finest niceties of this life. Most single Russian women aren’t looking just for a reliable and passionate husband, they are also looking for a soul mate fully capable of understanding the beauty of their inner world. The minority of those Slavic women who are insincere in their pre-nuptial searches eventually end up in bitter situations and regret their decision to have taken the path of deceit and infidelity. However, most Slavic women never allow themselves cheating on their dear Western husbands.

Some Russian women have already been married, they may even have kids from their previous unsuccessful and stressful marriages. Such ladies know more about the darker, more sinister side of life, very often they are shy and irresolute, because they are scared of domestic violence. It is rather hard, sometimes almost impossible to penetrate their self-protection barrier. But once you manage to do that and to become her “charming prince in shining armor”, in most cases you will not regret having taken this opportunity. Such women tend to do everything possible and plus some more in order to maintain a fulfilling relationship with their husbands and to develop their kids.

You never know when the undiscerning arrow of Cupid is going to hit your heart, Russian ladies don’t know it either. Another category of Russian women is those who have never been planning to get married to a foreigner. Sometimes things just happen, a lot often depends on the disposition of the capricious Greek gods. People just bump one upon another and mutual chemistry ensues.

The category of rejected women in online dating

Usually such a mishap occurs much more often with Western women, but there are also some Slavic women who fall within this truly humiliating category. The pith of the matter is that Western and Russian female beauty standards differ a lot. Russian men are spoiled by having stunning women all around them. They get rather picky and incredibly choosy, which results in a pool of lonely women who are still relatively young and can be called attractive by quite many Western men.

Such women tend to make the best cooks and house-cleaners who will never cheat on or lie to their loving husbands. We would strongly recommend you to explore this option if you aspire for a strong down-to-earth bonding with a really advertent lady devoid of artificial pulchritude.

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