Will this be The Last Tango?

Directed by Hiram Michel Sanchez, The Last Tango tells the story of two assassins whose fate brought them together when they should have stayed miles away from each other. Stefanja Orlowska, who stars as Jane in the short film, also wrote and produced the story. Mathieu Szymkowiak stars alongside her as John.

Jane and John are trying their best to win each other’s hearts. And they have almost succeeded. But there are things they don’t know about each other. The biggest secret will be the most shocking and also life-altering.

Jane is the narrator of the story. She tells us about her life and reflects on the difficult decisions she has had to take for her survival. She takes us back to her story with John. The flashbacks have some dancing and some action. We also discover the secrets they were hiding from each other and the price they had to pay in the end.

Making short films is not an easy feat. Although the short film itself isn’t very long, the process of making a short film is. From first coming up with the idea of the short film to arranging it neatly and getting ready for viewing in production, each step requires hours and hours of endless work. With a run time of 5 minutes, The Last Tango is the perfect short film for the people of today who don’t have time for a 2-hour movie. It is not a substitute for IMAX, at five minutes it is suitable entertainment at home or with mobile devices on their lunch break.

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