You’ll Love Our Diet and Exercise Tips for the Bride-to-be

If you’re a bride-to-be and you’re interested in slimming down before your wedding, with a mind to looking as good as possible in your wedding dress, then you’ll find these diet and exercise tips helpful. We’re going to share four useful tips and also talk about how to stay motivated.

While almost everyone wants to be slim and fit all of the time, it’s often tough to stick to the healthiest routines. For this reason, finding and keeping motivation is pretty important.

First off, you’re going to look gorgeous in your wedding gown, no matter what you weigh. However, we often have a lot more body confidence when we are at our fittest and it will be nice to have that kind of body confidence when you walk down the aisle.

1.) Stay Away from Carbs

Carbs tend to make us look a bit bloated and not our best. It’s not really the calorie count in carbs that is the problem. It’s more the way that they affect our blood sugar levels and so on.

Carbs seem to make us store more fat than we would if we didn’t eat them, because of the way they change our blood sugar levels. If you do cut out carbs for a while before your wedding, you’ll probably lose a fair bit of weight for that reason alone. Combining this with a calorie deficient diet like the Atkins diet, and you can further your progress and lose more weight. Consuming more protein instead of carbs not only can reduce hunger but can actually raise your metabolism, burning more calories throughout the day. Weight loss protein supplements like the ones found here can help increase your protein intake, as well as aiding the recovery and toning of muscle.

2.) Get Regular Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise is designed to raise our heart rates and burn calories. It’s probably the most effective type of exercise for weight loss, because it’s intensive enough to make a big difference over a relatively short frame of time.

We recommend doing cardio exercise for at least half an hour, at least four times a week. Choose your favorite style of cardio exercise, such as running, tennis or brisk swimming, and then get into a routine which will help you to look amazing in your wedding dress.

3.) Eat an Array of Colorful Veggies

You should think of the rainbow when you are at the grocery store and then try to choose vegetables of many different colors. The more colors you choose, the more vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants you will get in your weekly diet.

If you’re used to eating just a few vegetables regularly, adding more variety will help you to fuel your body properly and this will help you to lose more weight. In fact, your body needs nutrients in order to function at its best.

4.) Drink a Lot More Water

Drinking a lot of water helps our system to flush out impurities. It’s the secret of sparking easier weight loss, as it helps our bodies to function effectively. You should try to drink at least eight glasses or pure water every day, as it’s an effective means of detoxing and priming the body for weight loss.

Now that you know four tips to follow, let’s talk about motivation. What we recommend is pretty traditional. Gather some photos of brides-to-be whom you think are beautiful and then post them on your fridge or keep them on your phone. Whenever you get the urge to skip a workout or overeat, take a look at these “ideal” brides-to-be and imagine how good you’ll feel in your wedding gown if you do stick to your diet and fitness plan.

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